The filter (intake made by the HKS company) for HKS super-power flow Φ150 exchange is made an article simultaneously because it succeeded in making
of the screw of purity + two screws (M4×10) in "Air flow meter" part "Titanium" though it is very trifling remodeling ? ..the exchange...




Fine weather on May 30, 2020.
The exchange of Filter was reviewed last August.
There was a car inspection of Japan from that at the end of the year, and, at last, Filter of the suction of the car was exchanged today.
This Filter is "Yellow" (two-layer type).



It bought it in the shop this time though it was amazon and "Three layer type" of the order "Green" in online last time.
It is because James (car articles discount house) in local came to put the filter of HKS again.



It was thought that the screws of "Titanium" were not able
to be exchanged from a pure screw very much ahead.


When the space was able to be done in the air flow meter even a little, it was possible to attach it splendidly though it was going to interrupt.


The selected screw is "M4X10mm made of the pure titanium.
"Yahata screw (Yahataneji)" made by the Japan company.


The screw was bought in the shop this time.
It is an order place of the workman in Japan.
The tool and the material, etc. are offered at a low price.
It is a shop where "Commute" frequency is considerably high personally.



Though the similar one can be bought also on the net
To our regret, one set that consisted of two screw unit was not able to be retrieved.
Hereafter, it is the same ↑commodity.
When it is possible to refer, it is glad.


Titanium might be an extremely excellent metal.
It's called a metal that is gentle to the human body and safe.
If it is a woman, ※a metallic allergy such as titanium "Earrings" and the necklace, bangles, and bracelets might have the degree whose "“bezel"" that touches the skin is pure titanium and the predominant property.
It is a metal like an interchangeable title compared with other metals such as iron, copper, and aluminum.
It becomes twice about iron and three times aluminum though it is first strength.
Titanium is stronger also in heat, and iron is about 1530 degrees, and copper is about 1080 degrees,
and it compares though aluminum is about 660 degrees,
and the temperature to which titanium melts is stronger from heat resistant iron with about 1660 degrees.
In addition, there is a characteristic that titanium doesn't rust easily.
It is very strong in salt water ,in a word, seawater, too.
And, the more terrible one is light titanium.
Titanium has only half weight at the level very much compared with 2/3 and the copper of iron though there is an image with heavy titanium because it is good of it.
※The metal ion (melting metal) enters the living body to begin with, the immunization system of the human body acts, and a metallic allergy is judged to cause the rejection. It provides with the character it not to be easy melted very much compared with other metals, and titanium can be judged not to cause the allergy easily in the main metal according to such a factor.


i phone用のチタン製ジャケット日本円で9万円前後です。
↑ It depends on the "FACTUS DESIGN INCORPORATED" company.
It is about 90,000 yen(840$!!) in jacket made of titanium Japanese yen for "i phone".



However, titanium is still expensive in modern days.
It's said, "Difficulty grinding material", and the processing is a difficult metal.
The cost hangs by all means.
However, it was hundreds of yen for two though it had forgotten very much if it was this screw.
There are only 10's dollar hanging even if six is bought.
Positively adopting titanium that it is light, strong also in heat, and strength
is high such as the two wheelers (motorcycle) and cars seems to become the enjoyment of "Conversion battle".

【今回の交換と改造】【 this exchange and remodeling 】

↑ It is possible to remove because it stops with one screw by hand power, and there is a necessity for removing slowly because there are parts (radiator reservoir tank) with which it interferes for my car.
↑ Part where the upper part of power flow was removed
↑ It is part the temperature "Sensor" that exists in the air flow meter.
It cleans it.

See you again soon...!


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