24.尾崎豊-Mama, say good-bye-弾き語り-Playing talking of ballade of Japan with the blues harp-by-“Yutaka Ozaki”

No.20の動画「包丁の研ぎ方」で紹介した菜切り包丁で 焼きナスの料理の最中に左手の親指の側面を長さ1インチ (約2.5㎝)深度5mm程を削ぎ落としてしまいました。

私の場合は焼きナスを作る際に,網状に非常に細かく切れ目を 入れるんです。


現在自分の指が,ナス状になってしまっています汗w。 初期段階の我流の治療?が悪化を招いたようで,

現在は2日置きに専門医に治療して貰っていましたが, 切った当初1週間出血が止まらず,久しぶりの怪我で, 慌てました。

縫合する機会を逃してしまって 少しずつ皮膚が再生するのを待つしかないのですが, 患部の強い痛みと左手全体の痺れが一向に 収まらず,炎症が収まるまで暫く耐えるしかないようです。

アコースティックギターの単板をパワーコードで鳴らす為には それなりの握力と右手の瞬間的なパンチ力が要求されます。

親指はギターを押さえる為に不可欠ですし, 6弦を動かす為にも非常に大事なパーツです。

ちょっとショックを受けています。 さて,今回はそんな状態でしたが,尾崎さんの曲に挑みました。

このテイクは問題の怪我の数日後に録音しました。 ギターに触れる度,激しい激痛があり出血していましたが,


原曲と同じコードはGです。ハーモニカはDで演奏しました。 Gでも演奏は可能ですが,少し難しくなるのと 雰囲気がかわると思います。

あと,Hook(サビ)の部分は原曲はコードのルートが多いですが,少し動きをもたせました。 怪我にはあまり良くないアレンジでしたw汗。

それと相変わらず,勝手に作詞してしまっています。 どうかお許しを。。



One inch (about 2.5㎝) in length and 5mm or more in depth are reduced and the side of the thumb of the left hand has been dropped with the greens switching off kitchen knife introduces by animation of No.20 and "How to sharpen the kitchen knife" in the middle of the dish of the combustion eggplant the other day.

When the combustion eggplant is grown,
the pause is put in the reticulation for me very in detail. The purpose is to improve the infiltration of the olive oil when stir-frying. The edge of the kitchen knife has stricken the thumb carelessly.

My finger is becoming like the eggplant now. Treatment of one's own way at early stage? It was invited to make it to Ac however, and a hemorrhage for one week ..cutting.. first did not stop, and it panicked at an injury after a long time now putting the second though the specialist was treating.

For the present, it seems can do nothing but be going to endure until numb of the pain with a strong diseased part and the entire left hand is not installed at all, and the inflammation is installed though the sutured occasion can do nothing but be missed, and it be waited that the skin reproduces little by little.

To sound a single board of an acoustic guitar by the power code, momentary punch power of the moderate grip and the right hand is demanded.

The thumb is indispensable to hold the guitar, and very important parts to move six bowstrings. It shocks a little. Well, it challenged Mr. Ozaki 's tune this time though it was such a state.

This Take recorded several days after the injury of the problem. to enforce taping Shite to become piles how many it so that blood should not hang down though intense acute pain was and bled whenever it touches the guitar. The same code as an original tune is G.

The harmonica was played by D. I thought that a little becoming the difficulty and atmosphere changed though the performance was possible even by G. The part of Hook gave movement a little though as for an original tune, there were a lot of routes of the code. w sweat that is arrangement to injury too not good.

I write songs without permission with it as usual. Please permission. .. It assists please because it is not defeated at w and the injury and it will improve in the future because it was said by the doctor that it did not become an old thickness even if the skin renewal is finished though it is a little dark. ..

See you. again..


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