26.Yahoo!オークション連動!!-特別企画-SONY社製VUメーター”サイファム”(SIFAM R22AF)搭載稼働品-ヘッドホン・アンプ付!!カスタム・オーダー【特注品】









TThis time, in my career It was the first attempt to synchronize with the Yahoo auction.

I safely got the successful bid. I do the delivery preparation to the following owner.

Especially, it is an other party who had not encountered it mutually mutually for high priced goods.

I felt the use of animation terrible. good The real times such as driven motorcycle,

bicycle or the special machine parts that I exhibited this time are movements.

The sticking injury prohibition is done, and there is a possibility to be considered the spam act in free markets other than Yahoo about the link to another’s service condition is sorry.

I exhibit. I worried who about you input to SIFAM R22AF at the end. The arrogant one is w..

that ..it is because of the nature.. has it. I throw the jacket at external HD of 4TB (storage). It is not translation to which it is angry,

and either a deep meaning is w that not is. SIFAM is made in Britain.

I wanted to do to the top musician in my favorite Britain. Beatles..The Rolling Stones..U2.. Under the world Eifeccs twin. For the solo vocalist, Sting..

It thought about Elvis Costello. The most famous female singer thought that there was only Adele (Adel) in the 21st century. However, To the shelf of the CD rack before recorded a few minutes I discovered Bush's Kate (Kate Bush 1958 July 30, year-) CD. What are you?

The one's favorite genre might be different.

12inch Mix Running Up That Hill (Title = of an original tune A Deal with God = "Dealings with the god. ")

that is not a song original version named Running Up That Hill in the fifth totaling piece in 1985 of Bush Kate and HOUNDS OF LOVE Please let me do

the separation and the last me of this machine parts by by "Kate Bush" version.

It doesn't hurt me.. .


Do you wanna feel how it feels?


Do you wanna know, know that it doesn't hurt me?

知りたくない? 私のこの"痛くはない"感じを..

Do you wanna hear about the deal that I'm making?  聞きたくない? 私がしようとしている"取引"について..... ..

.You... ...あなたの事なのよ..

It's you and me


And if I only could..


I'd make a deal with God


And I'd get him to swap our places


Be running up that road


Be running up that hill あの丘を駆け上れるだろう..

Be running up that building..


See if I only could, ..oh....

分かってる...もし.. できる事ならばの..話よ.... ..

You don't wanna hurt me... ..


Unaware I'm tearing you a_sunder


Is there so mauch hate for the ones we love?? (ヒアリング不能....)


"こんなにもお互いが愛し合っているのに 憎しみ合っているのはおかしいじゃない",


Oh c'mon, baby, c'mon darling


Let me steal this moment from you now


C'mon, angel, C'mon, c'mon, darling


Let's exchange the experience, oh


※The flow and the amount of lyrics are different from original tune and 12'mix version. In the depth of lyrics, the original version deviates.

※原曲と12’mixバージョンとは歌詞の流れと量が異なる。 歌詞の深さにおいてはオリジナル・バージョンの方が逸脱している。


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