06.”T-BOLAN”【BOY】弾き語り「隠れた名曲」G’s only japanese cover the little known masterpiece!!

The tune sung today...
It's a famous piece of music where T-BOLAN that is the rock band of Japan is hidden, and it is Tune of the name of "BOY".
The band was formed in 1990. 1990年に結成されました。
I think that I am a wonderful famous piece of music where father's feelings to the son of love of this tune, and just the birth are transmitted.
The original is glad because it is really wonderful if it is possible to listen from the chance of something by examining it.
Hereafter, it is a wonderful link of ↓Is it remake recently? ↓

I do not like it, and up-load Cover up-loaded the other day again.
It is a tune with a high difficulty.
The son doesn't descend to me.
However, it was given to the father's love and it grew up.
Kick..recently..unskilled..good..whole body so well body & soul....put. 総て耳コピでCoverして歌いました。
All Cover was done with hearing and i'ts tune is sang. 歌詞を間違えていたり・・をお赦しください。
Please it has been necessary to have made a mistake in lyrics and forgive me.
オリジナル曲はピアノ&ベース&ドラムス&ストリングス(シンセ)にて構築されており,それをギター一本で歌うようにアレンジする のは自分にとっては大変でした。
It was constructed with piano & base & drums & strings (Sinth), and very as sung with its one guitar ..I.. that it arranged. an original tune.
The thing for me to finish singing this tune is not an easy thing.
The disorder of feelings becomes cruel, and it is not possible to finish singing.
Today's animation is a re-uploaded. It was night when. It has been forgotten to turn on the my studio room light. Arashi moritomo who is the vocalist is a composer.
ボーカリストである,Arashi Moritomo は作曲家です。
He is giving birth to a lot of wonderful famous piece of musics with which the originality overflows by using Piano, and using the composition technique of the canon.
Is they various circumstances? ・・・ Arashi Moritomo that is lead vocalist of this this band has become an Aphonia.
色々な事情からか・・・このこのバンドのリードvocalistであるArashi Moritomoは失声症になってしまいました。
I cannot speak with medical discernment and neither the method of caring for the Aphonia nor a lot of cases understand.
However, such a case might be a thing in an excellent singer that can happen.
でも優れた歌手ほど,こういう症例は,起こり得る事かも知れませんね。 そして・・私も・・
And, ‥ I ‥ also :.
After an interval of 15 years ‥ I begin to sing.


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